THE NAMELESS DOCUMENT is the fabled first production of the Dada Yow community produced in 2005 soon after the community was established. Cover to cover is filled with dada art, absurdist stories and surrealist visions. There is everything from photo collage to word collage inside. Only contributor copies were printed as the collage construction of the zine created a nightmare in duplication. Almost every copy is different because of missing pieces and dog eared parts and inserted or removed pages. It is unclear how many still exist today other than the barely intact proto-type. Finally, after five years a pdf of the zine is now available for perusal in high quality.

Featuring: Jason Earls, Justynn Tyme, Paul Nettles, Kevin Donihe, Amy Probst, A.D. MacDonald, One Angry Blonde, Dane Martin, Cake Earthhead, Jared Towler, Darren Olsen, Royce Icon
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THE MAGE OF LUNACY Justynn Tyme 2005 !! SOLD OUT !!
THE MAGE OF LUNACY will take you in many different and strange directions; and at different rates of knots - some familiar and even more unfamiliar. Justynn will take you to the abstract and across to surrealism via the workings of the absurd. Enjoy each word for before you know it the next will perplex, confuse and then ultimately delight you. For me, and I heartily recommend this writer, I would gladly pay the fare time after time." -- A D Dawson

The Mage of Lunacy is a limited edition collection of the best of the better absurdish, surrealish, dadaish and a side of over relished humorous shorts stories written between 1990 and 2005. It is the first official collection of literary shorties by Justynn Tyme, produced for Delawares' Authors Day in 2005.
60 Pages Size: 8" x 11" !! SOLD OUT !!

RAINBOW FLAVORED OTTER NUTS Justynn Tyme 2008/2011 $3.00
RAINBOW FLAVORED OTTER NUTS is the exploration of the chaos between two intertwined minds, sane and insane. They try to navigate the perilous lines of communications just to have some semblance of understanding. A work more interested in becoming fluent in the area of this amalgamated zone of bizzaro tongues than being understood. Justynn Tyme infuses traditional writing developed over thousands of years with his lyrical patterns, immigrated words, phrases and new word constructions.
20 Pages Size: 4 X 5 1/2 IN STOCK

THE DADA DOG [TT RR] FLEECE PARADE Justynn Tyme 2003 $3.00
The Dada Dog Ticker Tapeworm Rare Rade Fleece Parade was written over the course of a month as an exercise of exploration into experimental writing. A work consisting of both internal and external observations taken out of context, turned on their sides and viewed from a number of different perspectives. Unprompted it reveals a state where every thought is illogical and askew that temporarily reveals another realm of expression. This is the first chapter of Justynn Tyme's never ending dada dialouge where every line is a story and every reader finds different patterns within the dialogue.
20 Pages Size: 4" x 5 1/2" IN STOCK

NOW: FREE THERAPUTRID ADVICE The Whimsical Icebox 2009 $3.00
NOW: Theraputrid Advice From Dr. Smikey is a zine from the Whimsical Icebox archives. The Whimsical Icebox was an digital, absurdist-humor group that became notorious in 2003 as having one of the strangest websites on the internet.

NOW, is a compilation of the most outrageous questions and the even more asinine answers and bizarre advice from Dr. Smikey Smullet Smelt himself from the infamous "Smikey's Advice" online pseudo-mental health group before he was ousted out of the medical society.
24 Pages Size: 4" x 5 1/2" IN STOCK

THE GIST OF... JUSTYNN TYME Justynn Tyme 2010 $3.00
THE GIST OF JUSTYNN TYME... is a companion zine to The Gist of...album which expands and expounds on the scripts use on the album. It features not only liners notes but also graphic presentations of tracks from the several scripts. The Gist Of... Companion also includes some new works, some variations of the scripts used on the album and additional material cut from the album. The Gist Companion is designed to be a stand-alone zine but is also a great companion to follow along with the album.
20 Pages Size: 4" x 5 1/2" IN STOCK

THE SEMI-AQUATIC COMPANION Justynn Tyme 2010 $3.00
SEMI-AQUATIC COMPANION is the text companion to the Semi-Aquatic Something Or Other album which expands and expounds on the scripts involved. It features not only liners notes but also graphic presentations of tracks of the scripts. Included is new material not featured on the album and as well as variations on the scripts used on the album. The Semi-Aqautic Companion is designed to also be a stand alone zine but is also a great companion to follow along with the album.
20 Pages Size: 4" x 5 1/2" IN STOCK

PFFT! Vol.1 No.1 Various Artists !! SOLD OUT !!
Pfft Issue 1 is the second publication produced by the Dada Yow Community. It was so large a publication for the small community that it made the reproduction of it costly and impossible to distribute cheaply. Fifteen copies were painstakingly printed and bound. Fourteen copies were circulated at random to various people over around the world. Although Pfft 1 will no longer be available in its magazine format. It is being broken down into a smaller zine format and in more parts. Featuring: Otto Magus, Rocky Mckeon, Darren Olsen, Charles Rice Goff III, Ytii, Rich Sellers, Ian Gubbenet, Alexander Nitzman, M. Rutt, Daner Martin, Nadine Sellers, Babel, Danny "Albie" Swain, Jon Lemon, Cake Earthhead, Paris Wells, Jessica King, J.D. Nelson, Jeffrey S. Callico, A.D. Dawson, Greg Fiorini, G.X. Jupitter-Larsen, Sebastian Liber, Edmond White, Brad Gladen, Justynn Tyme
30 Pages Size: 8" x 11" !! SOLD OUT !!

PFFT! Vol.2 No.1 Various Artists 2011 $2.50
Pfft Issue 2 is the second edition of the Pfft Zine and first issue in the smaller version. It features the work of collaborating members (is/isn't) Robert Montilla and (The Mage Of Lunacy) Justynn Tyme. It also included delightfully bizarre quips from absurdist author Christy L. Stewart and a few pieces from experimental poet Nadine Sellers. The Pfft zine is the new smaller dadaist zine featuring material from the YoW community and is put together from randomly selected new and archived material. A must read zine for lovers of experimental metaphysical dadaism.

Featuring: Robert Montilla, Nadine Sellers, AG Davis, Jon LeMon, Jason Earls, Christy Leigh Stewart and Justynn Tyme
24 Pages Size: 4" x 5 1/2" IN STOCK

The Interlocking Headspeaker Book Nedsferatu & Tyme 2012 FREE
A few years ago, Nedsferatu (of and Justynn Tyme got together in a joint effort to make use of their hundreds of doodles that never went anywhere. They found an affinity for each otherís sense of humor and decided to try to make each other laugh. They succeeded beyond their wildest day dreams. At last, The Interlocking Headspeaker book is the result of that collaboration in its totality for your enjoyment.
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