WEATHER CHRONICLES Vol.1 Zesus Minions 2002 FREE
The Weather Chronicles is a collection of weather related television and radio news reports culled from local, state, national and worldwide severe weather news coverage. Among the collection of broadcasts are a number of long gone but not forgotten media personalities like the 24/7 'Headline News Channel', 'Real Tv', and the hurricane expert; meteorologist John Hope who passed away in 2002. There are one or two humorous commercials from The Weather Channel. Also included in this collection is the trailer from the "Perfect Storm" among other weather nostalgia. Not only is this a nostalgic glimpse into weather events of the past but one can make comparisons of yesterdays severity to that of todays. Not to mention getting useful information about weather and weather phenomenon. A must listen for weather enthusiasts and weather watchers.
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AUDIBLE EARTH Vol.1 Justynn Tyme 2006 $5.00 [CD] / $3.00 [MP3]
The Audible Earth is an exploration into the ambient sounds of nature and civilization. The islands of sounds that people unknowing pass through everyday (and add to) and never realizing the complex tapestry of ambient noises they have momentarily interacted with and experienced. The purpose of this project is to seek out and capture these sonic moments as they build and diminish constantly changing as they rearrange their sound components.
1 Disc / MP3 Time: 70 Minutes In Stock

THE GIST OF JUSTYNN TYME Justynn Tyme 2008 $5.00 [CD] / $3.00 [MP3]
The Gist Of Justynn Tyme .... is a wondrous, eclectic collection of unique sound artistry. A mix of ambient music, sound collage, sketch comedy, sonic poetics, noise, found sounds and a little bit of something that could be vaguely consider traditional music. Originally released in 2006 but was expanded in 2008 to make a fantastic and more encompassing anthology. A collection filled with twenty seven new and re-mastered pieces of experimental audio art spanning the fifteen years between 1990 - 2005. The Gist Of.... is the perfect introductory album into the amusing and confusing world of Justynn Tyme.
1 Disc Time: 65 Minutes In Stock

Turtle Bite: Annoyance In A Flat is a concept album of four compositions designed especially to test the listener's tolerance. This 40 minute extended play album utilizes a wide variety of noisy digital and mechanical malfunctions. Fusing them together into an orchestrated mix of complex irritating noises pieces without degrading into an over-modulated wall of static. On 'Annoyance in G Minor', which begins the album there is a guest appearance by Greg Fiorini, founding member of the dadaist group 362 on guitar. Caution is recommended, as listening may cause damage to your hearing. Tempting isn't it?
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391 / Yow! Compliation Vol.1 Various Artists 2009 FREE
391 / DADA YOW Compilation Vol.1 is the first experimental audio compilation of two dadaist communities; the 391 digital dadaist community curated by babel and the Omphalosdada Yow community curated by Justynn Tyme. It features an eclectic mix of material, styles and talents, which makes for a must listen album for any dadaist and/or those who appreciate audio artistry. Featuring: Nadine Sellers, Danny Swain, B3nt M3dia, Binnorie, Babel, Krabatof Philharmonic Orchestra, Antitram, Ytii, Panoptica, Escha, Ann Nona Muss, Justynn Tyme, Jared Towler, The Haters, Vivicdiem, Mongoloids In Crayon Suits, Rocky McKeon, The Haters.
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DADA-X-MESS Nitzman & Tyme 2008 FREE
DADA X-Mess is a dadaist pseudo-(sort of)-christmas album. Long time collaborators; Justynn Tyme and Alexander Nitzman came together on the 22nd of December 2006, and with a arsenal of instruments and found objects created a holy racket. Thirteen tracks of strange, organic improvisations inspired by the instruments gathered before them. Then skillfully mixed and remixed over the next two years to create a truly distinctive album that sounds unsophisticated but cultivated and interesting; a wholly bizarre excursion into the sonic arts.
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Rainbow Flavored Otter Nuts Montilla & Tyme 2009 FREE
Rainbow Flavored Otter Nuts is the first fan album based on the works by Justynn Tyme. Inspired by the incomprehensible writings of Justynn Tyme, the talented Super Surrealist, Is / Isn’t (Robert Montilla) in a fit of insanity and lucidity set about performing the chap-zine “Rainbow Flavored Otter Nutts” in its entirety. A collection of highly complex and difficult pieces to perform. These tracks were collected, engineered, re-mastered and release by Gratitude Records, a sub-label of RadioActive Mango Recordings.
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Dada Dog Ticker Tape Fleece Parade Montilla & Tyme 2009 FREE
The Dada Dog Ticker Tape Rare Rade Fleece Parade is a second fan album based on the works by Justynn Tyme. Inspired by the incomprehensible writings of Justynn Tyme, the extraordinary Super Surrealist, Is / Isn’t (Robert Montilla) in a fit of madness and frenzy set about performing selections from the never-ending dada dialogue called “The Dada Dog Ticker Tape Rare Rade Fleece Parade”. These tracks were collected, engineered, re-mastered and release by Gratitude Records, a sub-label of RadioActive Mango Recordings.
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THE [ WICKED ] PICNIC bable / Tyme 2010 FREE
The Wicked Picnic is a collaborative, dada concept album by babel and justynn tyme. Originally recorded between the years of 2007 and 2008. The Wicked Picnic was built upon the idea of a mythical picnic with between two mammoth personalities: Venger and Uncle Ogre. Two monsters, who were possibly enjoying each others company or merely a momentary truce between two opposing forces. Featuring several variations on perspectives that swing between narratives and conversations, using a variety of sounds, music and noises and building off each others submissions an experimental play transcends through nine tracks.
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SEMI-AQUATIC SOMETHING OR OTHER Justynn Tyme 2010 $5.00 [CD] / $3.00 [MP3]
Semi-aQuatic Something Or Other is an experimental concept album exploring the theme of water through soundscapes, sonic narratives and interpretive music. The Semi-Aquatic Something Or Other project began thirteen years. Transforming every couple of years until just the right elements and ideas sank to the bottom of the brain pan. Through ambient music and soundscapes the listener drifts around an unfamiliar ocean swarming with strange creations and bizarre visions as they descend deeper and deeper into the churning mind of the Mage Of Lunacy.
1 Disc Time: 60 Minutes In Stock

THE MUSIC OF SEMI-AQUATIC Justynn Tyme 2011 $5.00 [CD] / $3.00 [MP3]
The Music Of Semi-AQuatic Something Or Other is the ambient underlining soundtrack to the 'Semi-AQuatic Something Or Other' concept album. However, this album features new, extended and alternate versions of the music behind the narratives. Inspired by the space music of the 60s and 70s Justynn Tyme composes water music - the ambient interpretations of the underwater realms from puddle to ponds and from aqueducts to oceans. A great companion piece to the Semi-Aquatic album and a whole new experience.
1 Disc Time: 57 Minutes In Stock

RAYDIO BRADCASTS: Mrs Morris Goes To Mars Goff III / Tyme 2011 FREE
Raydio Bradcasts: Mrs. Morris Goes To Mars is a conception album built on the idea of reinterpreting the works of Ray Bradbury. The basic idea was for Justynn and I to create a series of audio vignettes based on recombining and rearranging bits and pieces from Ray Bradbury's huge output of inspiring literature. We took parts and pieces from his catalogue of stories and lectures and reworked them into six sound collages that each tell the nuance of a story through samples, sound and music. In its entirety, it is an etheric transmission that churns slowly along carrying the listener off to realms unknown. A unique six chapter story that provides listeners with a variety of interpretations.
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THE DIABOLICAL MIND MACHINE Justynn Tyme 2012 $5.00 [CD] / $3.00 [MP3]
The Diabolical Mind Machine is an concept album exploring the transmogrification of the conscious and subconscious. Composed primarily of digital noises, sounds and music in an attempt to captivate and sweep away the listeners mind. Sending it spiraling through the tunnels of turbulent experi-mental states. These tracks try to captured fragments of mental conditions of both the stable and the unstable on a disc. As the disc spins around and around illusions and delusions are created... so be careful dear listener and listen at your own risk.
1 Disc Time: 65 Minutes In Stock

Hurricane Irene: The Delaware Perspective is the Zesus's Minions collection of news reports from local radio stations about Hurricane Irene and its impact on the state of Delaware. As well as the actual storm recordings of Hurricane Irene as it rummbled through Delaware on its way up north. They attempted to include every individual fact mentioned that they were able to record from local radio. Of course there will be repeated information but they have attempted to limit much of the replication. Here now, as near as possible, is Hurrican Irene in real time as it blew through, however ultimately sparing, the state of Delaware.
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